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    Milan, 2017

    : Lea Ceramiche / Zucchetti.Kos
    Event: Salone del Mobile 2017 – FuoriSalone event

    Place: Milano c/o Blindarte

    Inside the spaces of an art gallery, matter becomes a narrative means to summarize the path of two different companies. Brass and clay, transformed and reinterpreted, are the starting point of an exhibition illustrating the different phases necessary to develop and produce an object.

    Graphic design: Alessandro Costariol
    Sound design: Jan Sutti
    Photographs: Alessandro Nassiri

    • INFACTORY_anteprima_2INFACTORY_1920x1268_01INFACTORY_1920x1268_04INFACTORY_1920x1268_03INFACTORY_1920x1268_02half_INFACTORY_1920x1268_05