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  • Nuova Mineralia

    Milan, 2022

    Client: Mathera by SAIB
    Event: Interni Design Re-Generation
    Place: Cortile d’onore, Università degli Studi di Milano

    An evocative metaphysical landscape populated by oversized monoliths becomes the backdrop imagined to narrate the textures and surfaces of Mathera, the new material totally recycled and totally recyclable by Saib. Through large-scale geometric crystals, Nuova Mineralia introduces discoveries and new territories of design experimentation.

    Photos: Cristiano Bendinelli

    • Nuova-Mineralia-SAIB-01_half-Nuova-Mineralia-SAIB-02_half-Nuova-Mineralia-SAIB-03Nuova-Mineralia-SAIB-04Nuova-Mineralia-SAIB-05Nuova-Mineralia-SAIB-06