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  • Fantastic Wood

    Milan, 2014

    In collaboration with: Fritz Hansen

    Event: Fantastic Wood, Short novels for chairs

    Place: Showroom Fritz Hansen

    Signs and languages, borrowed from the world of tattoo, cover the Grand Prix chair, suggesting new possible stories. A tale through images is embedded on the body of 9 seats where fantastic and surreal worlds are intertwined in a balance between nostalgia and vision.

    Graphic design: Alessandro Costariol
    Photographs: DGO / Delfino Sisto Legnani / Devid Rotasperti

    • DSL--4PB133103Cartoline-Danatalizie-foto-Devid-Rotasperti-FH-sedie-tatuatePB133100_halfFantastic_Wood_Fritz_Hansen_DGO_Sedda_14_half